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New Caledonia is a remote Pacific island and the home of this exciting sweet and potent new sativa strain. This pure, local sativa strain provides possibly the ultimate 'feel-good' psychedelic vibe. Vigorous and stretchy plants can grow to 400 cm. tall producing excellent yields when grown outdoors in good conditions with plenty of sun up to 43° of latitude. Indoor growers should veg. seedlings for 15 days maximum to control height or clones that have rooted for at least 7 days. Indoors it is also recommended to provide 11 hours of light and 13 hours of darkness once flowering has been initiated. Low levels of nutrients are required during veg. with raised potassium and phosphorous from the 4th. week of flowering. Excellent plants for SCRoG and the potential for some very long, and dense, colas. Scents and flavours are complex, very sweet/fruity but with some sour notes. THC ranges from 15 - 21% with very low CBD. Its effect is incredibly joyous and uplifting with great clarity and without any 'edginess' or discomfort at all. A great choice for sativa fans.