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Sowah Regular Seeds - 12

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Sowah Regular from Karma Genetics is a beautifully-bred sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Genetically, Sowah is a fusion of elite genetics specially selected and honed by Karma’s world-class breeding team: Karma Sour D 2007 x Karma Sour D BX3 #A2 is the precise lineage that produces this mouth-watering hybrid strain.
Legally-operating growers will produce tall, narrow plants with a similar structure to OG Kush strains. 70-84 days is the estimated flowering time – fairly modest for a 70% sativa variety.
Flavours and aromas are strong and pronounced with a distinct smell of astringent sour gas. The terpenes myrcene and limonene are abundant with hints of caryophyllene. Sowah is not dissimilar in taste to strong, old-skool Afghani strains with that greasy, sour indulgence.
Sowah, like most of Karma Genetics’ recent releases, is an incredibly potent strain of cannabis producing soaring, euphoric effects. Probably not for the novice smoker or vaper.