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Kullu Valley Regular Seeds - 12

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This Kullu Valley semi-wild landrace is an elegant and slender sativa plant, highly vigorous and with high mould resistance. Its herbal and spicy scent along with its soaring sativa effect more than compensate for its longer than average flowering time. Its slim structure and effects are reminiscent of the old Haze plant.
Plants are full of vigour and can get very tall unless growers know how to train it correctly with side-branches growing almost horizontally like a vine. To mitigate this, it is recommended to provide these plants with only 11 hours of light and 13 hours of darkness from the start of cultivation. Flowering takes 16 - 20 weeks
Plants are very easy to make clones (cuttings) from as they root in a week or less. Inter-nodal length is long but the gaps tend to close up as flowering really gets going. Buds are quite airy and produce a long-lasting, cerebral effect with a psychedelic energy and despite their medium THC content it can seem stronger than many strains with 20% THC production.