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Lao Highland Tribe Regular Seeds - 12

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Lao Highland Tribe is a highland jungle sativa landrace hailing from the border regions of Lao, Myanmar (Burma) and China. It is a highly vigorous, colourful and tasty variety traditionally grown by the Akha tribe of northern Laos.
Lao Highland Tribe is the 'fastest-growing, most vigorous landrace variety we have ever come across' according to Khalifa genetics. Its high resistance to mould makes it suitable for cultivation in dry and wet as well as hot and temperate climates, assisted by the structure of its buds. It is likely that it has had some indica genetic influence in its past as the leaves are less narrow than typical South East Asian sativas and developing large trichomes.
Extreme height gain in flowering can be controlled by training with indoor growers being advised to use a SRoG set-up. Flowering is faster than is usual for varieties of this kind and ranges from 13 - 16 weeks. Outdoor harvests in northern latitudes will be in November - December. This variety prefers poor quality soils with light feeding during flowering. Yields are medium in size.
Purple phenos. have a marked berry scent while the green ones tend to have a floral/vanilla scent apart from a minority which are citrus/Haze. Most plants have a fruity.soapy taste with wood notes. Potency varies with phenotypical variation but is energetic becoming pleasantly calming and relaxing.
The seeds from which selections were made were originally collected by renowned collector/breeder Bodhi in 2014 and worked on to reduce hermaphroditism.