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Moroccan Beldia, also known as Kief, is the pure, old school strain grown in the Rif mountains of Morocco. This landrace strain was used since the 1960s to produce the old-school Moroccan hashish. Before that the flowers were smoked locally as 'Kif'. Moroccan Beldia is a fast-flowering sativa strain that withstands harsh and arid conditions whilst also being an easy plant to grow indoors. This Moroccan Beldia line was collected in Chefchaouen province at a latitude of 35° N, where this 800 year old is still cultivated although it is now disappearing fast as modern hybrids take over. Three generations of 'open pollination' resulted in the seeds that Khalifa Genetics offers. Few side-branches develop making it suitable for the SoG method. Indoors, flowering takes between 7 - 9 weeks. These hardy plants thrive on a low nutrient regime and plants grown in soil should be watered sparsely. Outdoors in the northern hemisphere harvest will be between late August and late September and yields are said to be medium both indoors and out.. A sweet, floral smoke with notes of mint and spice. Its effect is happy, focused, clear-headed and relaxing.