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Rasol Village Regular Seeds - 12

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Rasol Village is a true mountain landrace strain from the remote village of Rasol high up in the Parvati Valley, Himachel Pradesh, India at 32° N. This hash-producing landrace has many genotypes such that some are high in THC while others are rich in CBD. These plants are used to make Rasol Cream, a high quality charas. Connoisseurs will enjoy selecting their favourite phenotype(s). This is a fast-flowering strain, compared with other North Indian types, and is suitable for cultivation in all climates. Flowering takes between 11 - 15 weeks with local harvests being made in late September through to the beginning of November. Plants display very good resistance to both cold and mould but are sensitive to nutrients so care should be taken - these are not hungry plants and they thrive in poor quality soils. Yields are medium-sized. The scents and flavours vary according to phenotype with minty, fruity, herbal and spicy flavours prevalent. The effect is joyful and euphoric.