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Sheberghan Hashplant Regular Seeds - 12

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Sheberghan Hashplant is an Afghani landrace hailing from Jowzjan Province at a latitude of 37°N. These plants tolerate both hot and cold conditions as long as relative humidity is low during the flowering stage otherwise the fat buds will be prone to mould problems. Apart from this it is very easy to grow for beginners. Sheberghan Hashplant is suitable for cultivation indoors and outdoors. Growers can expect average to high yields in a 9 - 11 week flowering window. The taste is fruity, hash-y, citrus with a very sweet aftertaste. Different phenotypes will produce some plants with high THC & low CBD, some with high CBD & low THC while yet other will produce more or less equal amounts of each. In general the effect is relaxing, calming and sedative. These seeds were produced after the number of hermaphrodites was reduced, and decreasing the amount of undesirable phenotypes while preserving most of the genetic diversity, in order to make them more suitable for indoor growing by a process of selective breeding.