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Siberian Ruderalis CBD Auto Regular Seeds - 12

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Siberian Ruderalis CBD Auto is an XXL-sized, highly vigorous auto-flowering variety that produces plenty of trichomes. Villagers near Lake Chebarkul, Siberia, have been using these semi-wild plants to make richly-flavoured, high CBD charas (hand-rubbed hashish). These plants are vigorous, hardy and are fast to flower in the short growing season. Suitable for all climate types. The likely origins of Siberian Ruderalis are hybridisation between landraces from nearby Kazakhstan with the local Ruderal variety. Such a mix would help to explain the pungent citrusy smell, high trichome production as well as the mild psycho-activity of most phenotypes. Flowering begins within 2 - 3 weeks from germination of the seeds while plants grow increasingly tall ending up between 120 - 190 cm. during their approx.12 week life cycle. Indoors they can be 'topped' up to a couple of times to control height. About a quarter of the plants will display purple/mauve colours. In order for these seeds to survive the harsh Siberian winters where average January temperatures are -21°C they have a very thick protective shell that serves to prevent early germination before the Spring thaw. Cold treatment, to mimic natural dormancy, or soaking and scarification is necessary for them to germinate correctly. For this reason extra seeds are included in the packs to allow growers to practise this. In their natural habitat these plants thrive on poor, rocky soil, even more so than other landraces, and need very low nutrient levels. A very light feeding in the second half of their cycle is all that's required. Yields are medium in size. The scent/taste is sweet, floral and citrus with pine and spice notes. It has a mild, soothing and relaxing effect.