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Digital Gorilla Regular Seeds - 12

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Gorilla Glue has evolved and out comes swinging the Digital Gorilla. This strain smashes all five senses. As soon as you
exhale the citrus pastry and sour skittles flavours, your hair stands up and falls flat over leaving your body in an
annihilated couch lock. A sense of complete and utter warmth and relaxation flooded through my body and mind and left me
hungry, happy, sleepy eyed, and stuck watching cartoons.
The terpene profile on this strain reminds me of being locked inside a bakery where fresh skittle and lemon meringue blueberry skunk pies are being baked. There is also a very strong cookie smell that comes out in some phenotypes as well. This strain is not a big stretcher. She loves to be topped in vegetative and yields golf ball sized buds that are rock hard and covered in resin. I highly recommend this strain for sleep, pain, anxiety, and nausea.