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New York Diesel Auto Feminised Seeds

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New York Diesel Auto is a gem to add sparkle to your collection, especially for its pungent Diesel flavour which heralds a delightful cerebral high. It eventually settles in to a warm relaxing body vibe. Its lime-grapefruit fragrance will surprise your senses.This strain produces a citrus sweet taste and is also often described as having red grapefruit flavours.
New York Diesel Auto produces a rare taste coupled with a powerful high which most often energizes users and stimulates their minds. It comes coupled with uplifting feelings of euphoria and a burst of insightful creativity. Once your first toke settles in, you begin to feel talkative and motivated and with A desire to engage in physical activities due to it’s amphetamine like speedy buzz. This is perhaps why many pot-head athletes have reported it’s their strain of choice for working out.
Reported medical benefits: improves appetite, relieves pain, relieves nausea, depression, migraines, muscle spasms, anxiety, relieves stress, increases energy.