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The Super Sativa Seed Club is always on the lookout for new top class genetics. Our strain Creeper, available only in regular version, is a "New School Sativa" which carries the spirit and taste from days-gone-by while packing a contemporary THC rich punch. The thrilling, euphoric high comes courtesy of Crockett's Haze, a proven tasty sativa strain.
Growers can expect branchy plants with numerous inter-nodes and big flowers. You can recognize the sativa in this variety from the extra-long and numerous pistils and the super-long Sativa leaves. It's a real growers delight to watch this strain grow and bloom. The buds have an impressive resinous appearance and a delicious layered taste of different sativa flavours. You will find very big plants with intense aromas, great yields and an amazing taste offering you an exceptionally strong high.